Our professional Service agent will help to solve your computer related problems

BSS Technologies has an excellent online tech support team comprising of experienced professionals who are committed to deliver the most appropriate solutions to fix all your computer-related issues. We deliver quick and reliable services for anyone who owns a computer.

Remortely Support

Instantly give the control of your Computer Desktop from anywhere via Internet. No installation required, use it Fast and Secure. No matter where you are, it makes safe and easy to quickly access a remote desktop within a few seconds.

On Site Services

BSS Technologies is providing on site computer/laptop services to their customers. BSS has one of best support service team with professional working people those not only resolve all computer-related issues, but also educate customers about the causes, so that one can avoid them from affecting PC in the future.

Prevention from Unwanted Softwares & Virus

With our AMC services we don't only do service but we tell you that how to prevent your system from these unwanted softwares and viruses. We are also an associate partener with AVAST to make any office or business safe from effected viruses and is also available on our SMART Store.

Resident Engineer

BSS Technologies Resident Engineers are available for annual onsite engagements and provide highly customized operational assistance to any Business/Office/School/Institute. Bringing the most specialized skills in the industry to your business.

Get Paid for not getting service on time, It's SMART AMC

BSS believe in giving the best service to it's clients onsite or ontime and yes we don't make fake promises we believe in doing job that assign to us.

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Performance & Issues

We specialize in making (and keeping) your computer running FAST! CLEAN! And SECURE!

Security & Protection

At office you are protected by expensive technology ... get the same done at HOME.


Want to use one printer for every computer in the office or at home? Our technicians are experts when it comes to wireless devices and networking.


Are you having problems with any of your software? Do you need help installing or uninstalling any programs?

Operating Systems

Windows Vista or 7 or updated versions. Keeping your OS in top shape will guarantee peak performance every day.

Dedicated support

We provide top notch support for all of our AMC services, so please don't hesitate to contact us.