Our professional SMART Class Room helps Teachers & Students to teach & learn with Latest Technology Equipments

If you are looking for SMART Class Rooms Solution for your school then you came to the right place. We offer best smart room services to schools & institutions. SMART Class Rooms use all interactive modules like videos and presentations and these visually attractive methods of teaching becomes appealing to students who are already struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom.

SMART Class Room Technology for Teachers & Students

SMART Class Room, the technology that makes every teacher SMART to teach in a way and that makes every student to learn with visualise way that let them understand in a proper manner.

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Interactive Board

Our Interactive Whiteboard adopts the world leading infrared positioning technology. Finger or any other opaque item is your mouse. This high quality cost effective board will bring vibrant and smooth user experience in any meeting.

K12 Tutor

Our SmartSchool K12 Tutor is an eleraning program that enhances your child's education. SmartSchool Tutor is probably the most easy to use education solution created so far.

DLP Projection

Designed for disruption-free presentation in a small-medium space, our MX806ST offers a XGA resolution image quality together with 13000:1 ultra-sharp contrast ratio and 3000 ANSI lumen brightness, this eco-friendly projector has the most dynamic image quality to offer!

Smart Audio System

Our Installed Audio Solutions for voice deliver consistent, life-like Smart HD audio even in challenging environments such as large classrooms spaces and big halls.

Lecture Recording

Our SMART Interactive White Board also gives the teacher an option or provision to save or record their own lecture or future use as a purpose of revision. Training centers can record their lectures and can make CDs/DVDs for their students who want to study or learn at home.

Exam Guru

SmartSchool Assessment suite has been specially designed for k-12 schools to enable them to conduct online/offline test among students and analyse their results on real time basis.

A small video can let you understand bout the concept of SMART Class Room

  • SMART Class Room, the technology that makes each task easy for a every Teacher.

  • SMART Class Room allows Teachers to present anything whatever they have made to present or from our K12 Tutor.

  • SMART Class Room makes students more intelligent and let them understand the lessons in a proper or visualise way.

Smart Resources used in Smart Room